Where to Sell Your Unused Toner and Ink

Published: 04th May 2011
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Newer printer refill kits bought from reputable manufacturers provide guarantee, however. In addition the ink they produce is on par with ink from the original manufacturer.

Processing printer refill kits isn't difficult by a long shot. Since you'll have all the tools you need and a handbook to follow, it really shouldn't take more than 5 to10 minutes to successfully refill a cartridge.

For 5 to 10 minutes work you can potentially save yourself up to 80%. Not exactly small change if you use your printer frequently. That means for every cartridge you buy, you could have bought 5 inkjet printer refills. Let's not forget that most printer refill kits come with 2 bottles of ink. If you break it down, it works out to be 10 refills for every brand new cartridge! Considering that brand new cartridges cost $20 to $40, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars!

Other than saving you a whole bunch of money, refilling inkjet cartridges is also good for the environment. We all know how much waste this world could do without. Our landfills are polluting the earth and air, but by doing the littlest things such as refilling inkjet cartridges we can collectively make a difference.

Petroleum and metals used to produce inkjet cartridges are being manufactured, used the once and thrown into landfills. Just think how much plastic gets thrown away everyday. Millions of tons are thrown away each year. What's more, the manufacturing process of ink cartridges saps the earth of already dwindling resources.

Refilling inkjet cartridges is the cheapest option, however if you want to avoid getting your hands messy (although printer refill kits will provide latex gloves) then you can always take it to a refill shop where a professional will happily do your refilling for you for a small fee.

This may also be a good idea if you have tons of cartridges to refill or you're just not confident about doing it yourself. The chances of anything bad happening are minimal. If you follow the manual step by step and take your time on your first few attempts then you should have no problems.

Low quality printer refill kits may produce poor print quality, so make sure that you're refilling inkjet cartridges using a reputable manufacture. You can tell which manufacturer is good based on their awards and reputation. In addition, you'll find that top manufacturers will provide kits that are designed for specific brands and even models. Avoid buying universal kits that are designed to be used on any printer and model, these kits are normally less quality and can cause printing problems.

When replacing your printer?s ink cartridge, go for a supplier who sells quality inkjet cartridges at low cost, but with a warranty. Don?t pay retail for ink cartridges when you can save up to 85% from wholesale vendors. You can source from the Internet a lot of inkjet cartridge wholesale providers in your neighborhood and even the local yellow pages can guide you to vendors in your area.

There are a host of sellers and agencies that sell inkjet cartridges wholesale. They offer you huge savings. Buyers can select from their exhaustive list of money-saving refurbished inkjet cartridges, inkjet cartridge refill kits, compatible and recycled inkjet cartridges, etc. at wholesale prices.

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